Attacks increase against Australia's Muslims

Warning issued against backlash as survey shows community experiencing racism three times the national average.


    Sydney - Two hostages and an armed man were killed during a siege at a cafe in Sydney, Australia last year. In the wake of that attack and others like it elsewhere - including most recently in Paris - Muslims in Australia say they are increasingly being viewed with suspicion.

    Some say they are being abused by strangers on the streets. Others say a security crackdown by police and government authorities unfairly targets their community.

    Duncan Lewis, chief of Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO), has said the backlash against Muslims is dangerous and a threat to national security.

    He has asked politicians to tone down criticism of Islam.

    A November survey by two universities and a research centre suggests that Muslims in Australia experience racism three times the national average.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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