Rooney leaves it late to win it for Manchester United

Captain slots winner with 10 minutes to go in win over CSKA Moscow; Real Madrid edge out PSG to move into knockouts.

    Rooney's header has taken Manchester United to the top of their group [Reuters]
    Rooney's header has taken Manchester United to the top of their group [Reuters]

    A thumping header from Wayne Rooney ended Manchester United's scoring drought and secured a 1-0 Champions League victory over CSKA Moscow as they went top of Group B.

    United had seemed to be heading for a fourth successive goalless draw before Rooney met a Jesse Lingard cross and sent a bullet header soaring past CSKA keeper Igor Akinfeev and into the roof of the net in the 79th minute.

    United, who had previously failed to score in Premier League encounters against Manchester City and Crystal Palace as well as a League Cup clash against second tier Middlesbrough, mustered little more than half chances until Rooney's winner.

    Elsewhere, Real Madrid booked a place in the last-16 after substitute Nacho Fernandez scored late in the first half to clinch a 1-0 home win over Paris Saint Germain.

    The 25-year-old defender had been on the pitch for less than three minutes when he slotted in from a tight angle against the run of play after Toni Kroos's shot was blocked in the 35th.

    Real Madrid have moved into the knockouts with 10 points from four games [EPA]

    Real have 10 points from four games in Group A while PSG, who suffered their first defeat this season, are in second place with seven.

    Ten-man Juventus rescued a 1-1 draw at Borussia Moenchengladbach to edge closer to qualifying for the knockout stage with two matches left to play.

    The Italians, last season's finalists in the competition, are on eight points, one behind leaders Manchester City and five ahead of third placed Sevilla. Gladbach are fourth on two. City's 3-1 win at Sevilla mean they have already qualified for the last 16.


    Real Madrid 1-0 PSG

    Shakhtar Donetsk 4-0 Malmo

    PSV Eindhoven 2-0 VfL Wolfsburg

    Manchester United 1-0 CSKA Moscow

    Benfica 2-1 Galatasaray

    Sevilla 1-3 Manchester City 3 

    Borussia Moenchengladbach 1-1 Juventus

    Astana 0-0 Atletico Madrid 

    SOURCE: Reuters


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