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Record-chasing Djokovic to face Murray in Paris final

Serb top-seed could become first man to win six Masters title; Murray will move to second in rankings if he wins.

    Record-chasing Djokovic to face Murray in Paris final
    Djokovic has won three grand slams this year [EPA]

    World number one Novak Djokovic survived a second-set blip to reach the Paris Masters final with a 6-3 3-6 6-0 win over Stan Wawrinka - his 21st victory in a row.

    The Serb, looking to become the first man to win six Masters title in a season, briefly lost focus as Swiss Wawrinka, who beat Djokovic in the French Open final, ended his 29-set winning streak to claim the second set.

    But the fourth seed, who knocked out Rafa Nadal in a late thriller the night before, was made to pay as he lost the last six games to a relentless Djokovic who can claim an unprecedented third consecutive Bercy crown when he plays Andy Murray in Sunday's final.

    Briton Murray beat Spain's David Ferrer 6-4 6-3.

    "I still felt like I was hitting the ball well (in the second set)," Djokovic told a news conference.

    "You know, with this kind of feeling and approach, I got to the third set and played the best set of the tournament so far."

    Earlier, British second seed Murray lost his focus at times against Ferrer but had too much guile for the 2012 Bercy champion.

    "I managed to shorten a lot of the points. There was some variety in there with the way the points finished, which was pleasing for me," Murray told a news conference.

    Murray will guarantee finishing the year second in the ATP world rankings for the first time if he wins the title.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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