Flash floods hit Gaza and Israel

Torrential rains strike the Levant, leaving streets underwater and causing widespread disruption.

    Flash floods hit Khan Yunis in the Gaza Strip. Many parts of the neighbourhood were left underwater [AFP]
    Flash floods hit Khan Yunis in the Gaza Strip. Many parts of the neighbourhood were left underwater [AFP]

    The weather has been unusually disturbed across the eastern Mediterranean recently. Bands of cloud and rain continue to sweep across the Levant countries, causing extensive flooding.

    The latest round of torrential downpours has left streets underwater in the southern parts of Gaza and Israel. Rescue workers toiled tirelessly to help people trapped inside buildings and vehicles.

    The main market in the Gaza neighbourhood of Khan Younis was badly flooded, leaving the road to Rafah blocked. Water levels have risen up to two metres in places.

    Meanwhile, the coastal Israeli city of Ashkelon also had flash floods after 30mm of rain fell in less than an hour.

    The torrential downpours swept cars along the streets, and at least one road collapsed, resulting in a massive sinkhole.

    The thundery downpours also affected central areas of Israel. However, they were rather more isolated in Beit Dagan.

    Beit Dagan, located just 14km from Tel Aviv, had 16mm of rain on Monday. This is remarkable because it is the fifth wet day in a row there, bringing the total to 67mm in as many days.

    The November average is just 41mm.

    The wettest weather has now moved to the south and east.

    Iraq has seen yet more heavy rain. The potential for further flooding will then shift across Kuwait and the northern Gulf. 

    Qatar can expect to see its first proper rain of the season on Wednesday and Thursday.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera and agencies


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