Anderson helps England take opening-day honours

Pakistan dismissed for 234 in the first-innings after opting to bat in the final Test in Sharjah.

    England had Pakistan reeling at 117-6 [Reuters]
    England had Pakistan reeling at 117-6 [Reuters]

    James Anderson claimed four wickets as England made an excellent start to the third and final Test in Sharjah by bowling out Pakistan for 234.

    With the tourists needing a victory to level the series, Pakistan opted to bat first but Anderson and fellow paceman Stuart Broad made them regret their decision by producing combined figures of six for 30.

    Pakistan were 116 for five at one stage and were only spared complete embarrassment by captain Misbah-ul-Haq's 71 and 39 from Sarfraz Ahmed.

    Sarfraz, batting at number seven, was caught by Joe Root off spinner Moeen Ali and Misbah's men collapsed with their last five wickets falling for just 38 runs.

    Pakistan's top-order did not show much application, failing to convert good starts into significant contributions.

    Misbah won his sixth successive Test toss and, for the third time in the series, opted to bat first on a pitch that offered significant turn

    Anderson was rewarded for his immaculate line in the third over when the scoreless Azhar Ali, one of two changes in Pakistan's side, was caught behind.

    Mohammad Hafeez (27) looked confident but the opener succumbed to a soft dismissal, top edging Moeen to Broad at deep backward square leg.

    Playing his first Test since December 2012, left-arm spinner Samit Patel then dismissed Asad Shafiq for five.

    Anderson finished with exemplary figures of four for 17 from 15.1 overs while Broad was equally mean with the ball, taking two for 13 in as many overs. Moeen and Patel also picked up two wickets apiece.

    England were four for no loss at stumps.


    Pakistan 234 all out (Misbah 71, Anderon 4-17)

    England 4-0 (Ali 4*)

    SOURCE: Reuters


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