Shah spins Pakistan to convincing win in series opener

Zimbabwe crumble against spin as tourists win opening ODI by 131 runs thanks to Shah's career-best figures.

    Shah spins Pakistan to convincing win in series opener
    Shah had taken just 10 wickets in his ODI career prior to this match [Reuters]

    Leg-spinner Yasir Shah picked up six wickets and wrecked Zimbabwe's batting lineup as Pakistan cruised to a 131-run win in the opening ODI at the Harare Sports Club.

    Zimbabwe were bowled out for 128 in 37 overs after Pakistan had piled up 259 for six.

    A century partnership from Mohammad Rizwan and Imad Wasim set the touring side up for victory but it was the leg breaks of 29-year-old spinner Yasir that proved decisive.

    The hosts had gained the upper hand in the morning by winning the toss and reducing Pakistan to 128 for five, but Rizwan and Wasim added 124 for the sixth wicket.

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    Rizwan scored a career-best 75 not out and Imad, run out for 61, struck a maiden international half-century.

    Zimbabwe then lost wickets at regular intervals in their reply.

    Sean Williams top-scored with 26 as Yasir returned his best ODI figures and off-spinner Shoaib Malik claimed three for 30.

    The second game in the three-match series, all being played at the Harare Sports Club, is on Saturday.


    Pakistan 259-6 in 50 overs (Rizwan 75*, Nyumbu 1-39)

    Zimbabwe 128 all out in 37 overs (Williams 26, Shah 6-26)

    SOURCE: Agencies


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