Hungary journalist to sue Syrian refugee she tripped

Petra Laszlo says she will sue man who was trying to escape war and terror because he "changed his testimony".

    Hungary journalist to sue Syrian refugee she tripped
    The story of Syrian refugees Mohsen and his son Zaid being tripped up by a Hungarian camerawoman caused global outrage [Reuters]

    The Hungarian camerawoman who was filmed tripping up a Syrian refugee intends to sue the man she targeted while he was trying to escape war and terror.

    Petra Laszlo, who was sacked from her N1TV job after the footage went viral, told a Russian newspaper she would sue Osama Abdul Mohsen, 52, for changing his testimony after initially blaming the police, reports said on Wednesday.

    She also threatened to sue Facebook.

    Speaking to the  Izvestia newspaper, Laszlo said: " We [her and her husband] believe Facebook played a major role in my situation. It helped embitter people against me."

    After the incident in September, Laszlo had apologised for her actions which caused global outrage.

    In the footage, Mohsen is shown carrying his seven-year-old son, Zaid, who fell heavily after Laszlo tripped them up.

    Zaid reportedly suffered a concussion.

    In the Russian newspaper interview, the camerawoman claims that following the event, several pages lambasting her were set up online.

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    She has, she added, received death and rape threats as a result.

    The story of Mohsen and Zaid caught international attention for a second time, when later in September they moved to a Madrid suburb after a Spanish football academy offered to help rebuild his life.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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