White Sox complete doubleheader sweep of Tigers

Johnson ties his career-high strikeouts records in Chicago's win over Detroit in the MLB.

    White Sox complete doubleheader sweep of Tigers
    White Sox had won the opening game 2-0 [AP]

    Erik Johnson tied his career high with nine strikeouts as the Chicago White Sox completed a doubleheader sweep with a 3-2 victory over the Detroit Tigers.

    Johnson (3-0) won for the third time in four starts since his September 1 call-up.

    He gave up two runs on five hits in six innings before David Robertson pitched the ninth and struck out the last two batters for his 31st save.

    Elsewhere, left-hander Jonathon Niese combined with three relievers on a five-hitter as the New York Mets edged closer to the National League East title by beating the Atlanta Braves 4-0.

    The Mets (85-65) increased their division lead over the Washington Nationals to 6-1/2 games.

    The Nationals' game against the Baltimore Orioles was rained out.

    David Price pitched seven scoreless innings as the Toronto Blue Jays (86-64) defeated the New York Yankees (82-67) 4-2 and increased their lead in the American League East to 3-1/2 games.

    Price (17-5) allowed two hits, walked one and struck out seven to improve his record to 8-1 in his 10th start since joining Toronto in a trade with the Detroit Tigers on July 30.

    Other results:

    Cardinals 2, Reds 1

    Red Sox 8, Rays 7

    Astros 6, Angels 3

    Cubs 9, Brewers 5

    Pirates 9, Rockies 3

    Diamondbacks 8, Dodgers 4

    SOURCE: Reuters


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