Thailand: Main suspect arrested over deadly shrine bomb

Thai prime minister says foreign man was arrested at checkpoint on Cambodian border in connection with Bangkok attack.

    The blast at the Erawan shrine killed 20 people, mainly Chinese tourists [AP]
    The blast at the Erawan shrine killed 20 people, mainly Chinese tourists [AP]

    Thailand's prime minister has announced that a second foreign man has been arrested at a checkpoint on the Cambodian border on suspicion of involvement in last month's deadly shrine bombing. 

    Fears tourism will suffer in Thailand bombing aftermath

    The announcement on Tuesday was the second confirmed arrest in connection with the August 17 blast that tore through a religious shrine in downtown Bangkok and killed 20 people.

    The suspect is being flown back to Bangkok from the border by helicopter.

    Prayuth Chan-ocha, who also heads the nation's military government, was asked by reporters to comment on rumours a man had been arrested.

    "He has been arrested at Sa Kaeo checkpoint," Prayuth told reporters, referring to the Thai side of the border, adding: "He is a main suspect and a foreigner."

    The motive for the blast, Thailand's worst single mass-casualty attack remains shrouded in mystery.

    Alternating suspicion

    Suspicion has alternated between Thailand's bitter political rivals, organised criminal gangs, rebels in the kingdom's strife-torn south and sympathisers of refugees from China's Uighur minority.

    In July, Thailand deported 109 Uighurs to China, enraging supporters of the minority who allege they face torture and repression back home.

    Thai officials have also issued a warrant for a 26-year-old Thai Muslim woman called Wanna Suansan.

    Those killed by the blast at the Erawan shrine were mainly ethnic-Chinese tourists from around the region.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera And AP


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