Taylor's century stitches up England's win

Australia lose third ODI by 93 runs in Manchester but still lead series 2-1.

    The fourth ODI will take place in Leeds on Friday [Reuters]
    The fourth ODI will take place in Leeds on Friday [Reuters]

    James Taylor's patient century laid the platform for England to beat Australia by 93 runs in the third ODI at Old Trafford, leaving the touring side 2-1 up in the series.

    Taylor made 101 to lift his team to 300 for eight and Australia struggled under the lights against the England spinners before being bowled out for 207 after 44 overs.

    Opener Jason Roy scored 63 off 45 balls to give England a fast start before captain Eoin Morgan and Taylor shared a third-wicket partnership of 119 to put the hosts in a good position to make a huge total.

    Morgan, however, was caught by Mitchell Starc off Glenn Maxwell for 62 and his side struggled to accelerate in the closing overs.

    Ben Stokes, Jonny Bairstow, Moeen Ali and Liam Plunkett fell cheaply and although Taylor completed his maiden international century, he hit only five fours and was dismissed by Starc before England scrambled to get to 300.

    Australia made a positive start to their reply, Aaron Finch making 53 and Steve Smith 25 before the Australian captain was brilliantly caught by Steven Finn one-handed at mid-wicket off leg-spinner Adil Rashid.

    Wickets fell regularly under the lights as spinners Moeen and Rashid bowled cleverly and the Australian batsmen were unable to break the shackles.

    The fourth match in the five-game series is in Leeds on Friday.


    England 300-8 in 50 overs (Taylor 101, Cummins 2-50)

    Australia 207 all out in 44 overs (Finch 53, Ali 3-32)

    SOURCE: Reuters


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