Red Cross workers shot dead in northern Yemen

Gunmen opened fire on vehicle and killed two Yemeni aid workers travelling from Saada to the capital Sanaa, ICRC says.

    Two Red Cross aid workers have been shot dead in northern Yemen by unknown assailants, the humanitarian organisation said.

    A spokesperson for the International Committee for the Red Cross told Al Jazeera the workers, Yemeni nationals, were on their way from a mission in the city of Saada to the main office in the capital Sanaa on Wednesday when gunmen opened fire on their vehicle.

    The pair were travelling with two colleagues in two vehicles "clearly"
    marked with the Red Cross emblem when they were stopped in Amran province by a gunman who opened fire at the vehicles.

    "One of our colleagues passed away on the spot while another sustained critical injuries and was transferred to an MSF [Doctors Without Borders] hospital ... where he passed away shortly after," Rima Kamal, another ICRC spokesperson, said.

    The other two were unharmed, she told the AFP news agency.

    No one has claimed responsibility for the attack.

    On August 25, the ICRC said it had suspended its operations in Yemen's second city Aden after gunmen robbed its main office while holding staff at gunpoint.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera and agencies


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