Bayern's Lewandowski scores five goals in nine minutes

Second-half substitute stuns Wolfsburg with Bundesliga's fastest hat-trick as leaders maintain perfect record.

    Bayern's Lewandowski scores five goals in nine minutes
    Bayern Munich were trailing 1-0 at half-time [EPA]

    Bayern Munich substitute Robert Lewandowski single-handedly obliterated VfL Wolfsburg by scoring five times in nine minutes, including the league's fastest hat-trick, as the champions crushed their rivals 5-1 to extend their perfect Bundesliga start to six wins.

    The Poland striker came on after the break and stunned Wolfsburg with three goals in four minutes, starting in the 51st, to turn the game on its head.

    8 Robert Lewandowski (B Munich) 
    6 Thomas Mueller (B Munich) 
       Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (B Dortmund) 
    5 Yunus Malli (Mainz) 
    4 Anthony Modeste (Cologne) 
       Luc Castaignos (E Frankfurt) 
       Bas Dost (VfL Wolfsburg)

    He struck twice more in the next five minutes, including a spectacular volley for the fastest five-goal haul in the Bundesliga's 52-year history.

    The win lifted Bayern to a maximum 18 points, three ahead of second-placed Borussia Dortmund, who are in action at Hoffenheim on Wednesday.

    Wolfsburg, who had not conceded a goal in their last four matches in all competitions, are third on 11 points.

    Bayern coach Pep Guardiola brought on Lewandowski at the start of the second half and the 27-year-old forward opened his account six minutes later.

    Nine minutes after that Bayern, who host Dinamo Zagreb in the Champions League next week, were 5-1 up and the Wolves in a state of complete disbelief as Lewandowski, the league's top scorer two seasons ago, took his tally for this campaign to eight goals.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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