Australia win ODI series after Ashes misery

England captain hit on the head while batting as Australia wrap up easy win to seal series.

    The deciding ODI lasted less than 57 overs  [AP]
    The deciding ODI lasted less than 57 overs [AP]

    Aaron Finch hit an unbeaten 70 as England was trounced by eight wickets as Australia celebrated the consolation prize of winning the ODI series against England after the pain of losing the Ashes .

    Australia's 3-2 series win came after losing the last two ODIs when England looked set to build on its Ashes success.

    But after choosing to bat, England was blown away for 138 in only 33 overs, with England captain Eoin Morgan forced to retire hurt with a concussion with the hosts at 22-3.

    Morgan was facing his sixth ball of the innings when he turned his head to a 90 mph (145 kph) bouncer from Mitchell Starc which hit the side of his helmet.

    Starc played in the Australian domestic match last year when Phillip Hughes died after being hit by a bouncer.

    Morgan remained on his feet for a couple of minutes before retreating to the turf when England's medical team arrived in the middle.

    It became immediately clear Morgan was groggy and unable to resume his innings and he walked slowly from the field to a round of applause from the Old Trafford crowd.

    England's only resistance came from Ben Stokes (42) and Adil Rashid (35 not out).

    Stokes aside, England's top eight was unimpressive, with Mitch Marsh and John Hastings claiming combined bowling figures of seven for 48.

    In reply, Australia lost the first wicket in the third over of the innings but Finch and George Bailey shared an unbroken 109-run fourth-wicket stand to take their side to the trophy.


    England 138 all out in 33 overs (Stokes 42, Marsh 4-27)

    Australia 140-2 in 24.2 overs (Finch 70*, Willey 1-13)

    SOURCE: Agencies


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