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Is WWE really a global phenomenon?

Leading up to Summerslam 2015, Al Jazeera looks at whether WWE really does body-slam the opposition.

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    WWE, the World Wrestling Entertainment, calls itself a global phenomenon in sports and entertainment.

    Leading up to one of their biggest events of the year, Summerslam 2015, Al Jazeera compares different aspects of that claim and also its competition to see if WWE really does body-slam the opposition.

    Wrestlemania 3 took place in Michigan almost three decades ago and attracted over 93,000 spectators. But that was not the biggest 'sports' event ever. The football World Cup final in 1950 between hosts Brazil and Uruguay at the Maracana was watched by almost 174,000 fans inside the stadium [Al Jazeera]
    Out of the 45 world champions produced by the WWE, 34 of them are from the US [Al Jazeera]
    When it comes to social media, the WWE's popularity is no match for Disney and the English Premier League on Facebook but it beats the UFC on both Facebook and Twitter [Al Jazeera]
    But, once again, the US remains its biggest audience with almost 63% of its social media following coming from the US [Al Jazeera]
    The WWE is a strong investment on the stock market though with 2015 a strong year compared to its competitors [Al Jazeera]
    Additional reporting by Imad Ali @imadali

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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