England declare first innings in Ashes fourth Test

Starc leads a spirited Australian fightback as England declare on 391 for nine shortly before lunch.

    Australia's Mitchell Starc celebrates his fifth wicket after bowling England's Mark Wood [Reuters]
    Australia's Mitchell Starc celebrates his fifth wicket after bowling England's Mark Wood [Reuters]

    Mitchell Starc led a spirited Australian fightback as wickets continued to tumble on the second day of the fourth Ashes test against England at Trent Bridge on Friday.

    The touring side, bowled out for 60 on a traumatic first morning, took five England wickets for 119 runs before the hosts rubbed salt into their wounds by declaring just minutes before lunch on 391 for nine.

    Chris Rogers and David Warner survived three testing overs to take Australia to 14 for no wicket at the interval.

    England cricket: Facing the ashes?

    Starc completed test-best figures of 6-111 and although England had a healthy 331-run first-innings advantage, they failed to bat Australia out of the game following their inspired display on Thursday when Stuart Broad took eight wickets.

    England, 2-1 up in the series, had resumed on 272 for four.

    Joe Root, on 130, drove loosely at a wide delivery from Starc and nicked a catch to wicketkeeper Peter Nevill.

    Nightwatchman Mark Wood made a breezy 28 off 32 balls, including five fours, before he was bowled by a full delivery from Starc.

    The tall left-armer produced another cracking ball to bowl Jos Buttler for 12 and Ben Stokes, on five, tickled Josh Hazlewood tamely down the leg-side to Nevill.

    Moeen Ali and Broad stopped the rot with an entertaining ninth-wicket partnership of 58.

    Broad's eight dismantles Australia on opening day

    Moeen launched spinner Nathan Lyon for six over long-off and Broad pulled Hazlewood over the ropes as the pair plundered 20 off an over from the right-arm seamer with the second new ball.

    Mitchell Johnson returned to the attack to dismiss Moeen for 38, Steven Smith diving to take a superb one-handed catch at second slip.

    Broad was unbeaten on 24 when captain Alastair Cook declared and Warner was given a severe working-over in Broad's second over, the batsman narrowly avoiding to edge four fine deliveries from the lanky fast bowler.


    First innings of fourth Test:

    Australia 60 all out (Johnson 13, Broad 8-15)

    England 391-9 (declared)

    SOURCE: Reuters


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