Captain Terry sees red in Chelsea's win

New-signing Pedro shines in reigning champions' EPL win; Man City also seal easy win.

    Captain Terry sees red in Chelsea's win
    Chelsea are currently ninth in the table [EPA]

    Newly acquired Spain forward Pedro highlighted his potential worth to Premier League champions Chelsea with a goal, assist and eye-catching performance in their 3-2 win at West Bromwich Albion.

    Chelsea captain John Terry, who was substituted in the club's previous game, was sent off for a foul on Salomon Rondon.

    During nine seasons at Barcelona, Pedro scored 99 goals in all competitions and built a reputation as one of Europe's deadliest finishers.

    Against a physical West Brom, Pedro turned in a performance which had Chelsea fans in raptures with renditions of "Are you watching United?" after he made a seamless transition to the hustle and bustle of Premier League football.

    After Chelsea's poor start to the campaign, which has yielded one point from two games, Pedro was deployed from the off and his incisive running and deft touches were a highlight of a first half where Chelsea led 3-1.

    He had 56 touches during the game and was equally dangerous from the right wing - where his width stretched the pitch for fellow attackers Hazard and Diego Costa - as he was when provided the freedom to roam across the entire front line.

    In the late game, Manchester City beat West Brom 2-0 to continue their perfect start to the new season and go top of the table.


    Everton 0-2 Manchester City
    Watford 0-0 Southampton
    West Brom 2-3 Chelsea

    SOURCE: Reuters


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