Turkish security forces killed in attacks blamed on PKK

Three soldiers, a policeman, and a civilian die in the latest attacks allegedly launched by Kurdish fighters.

    Turkish security forces killed in attacks blamed on PKK
    PKK has largely observed a truce since 2013 but over the past week attacks on security forces have occurred almost daily [AFP]

    At least three Turkish troops have been killed in an attack on the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) in southeastern Turkey.

    The army said the soldiers were killed when PKK fighters opened fire on a convoy in the province of Sirnak on Thursday.

    "As a result of an attack by the separatist terror organisation three of our brave personnel - one officer, one non-commissioned officer, and one private - were killed."

    Official Turkish media reported that a Turkish policeman and a civilian were killed in another attack in the country's mainly Kurdish southeast a day earlier.

    Anger and frustration among Kurds as Turkey hits PKK

    Policeman Mehmet Uyar was sitting in front of a teahouse in the Cinar district of the southeastern Diyarbakir region late on Wednesday when unknown gunmen opened fire from a car, the Anatolia and Dogan news agencies reported.

    The policeman and one civilian passerby named as Osman Caran died of their wounds in hospital overnight, the reports said. Another civilian was wounded.

    Both Anatolia and Dogan said that according to their information the attack was carried out by the PKK.

    The killings are the latest in a spike in unrest as Turkey carries out a bombing campaign against PKK fighters in northern Iraq and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) in Syria.

    The PKK has largely observed a ceasefire since 2013 but over the past week deadly attacks on the security forces blamed on the group have occurred almost daily.

    In a separate incident on Thursday, one suspected PKK member was killed when armed men opened fire on a police post and the security forces opened fire in response in the town of Cizre in Sirnak, Anatolia said.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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