Real Madrid top 'most valuable sports teams' list

Ten-time European football champions top Forbes poll for second year running.

    Real Madrid were also named world's most valuable football club in May this year [Getty Images]
    Real Madrid were also named world's most valuable football club in May this year [Getty Images]

    Spanish football club Real Madrid retained top spot on a list of the world's 50 most valuable sports teams, according to a Forbes poll that was made up mostly of National Football League franchises.

    The 10 most valuable teams ($ bn)

    1. Real Madrid - $3.26

    2. Dallas Cowboys - $3.2

    NY Yankees - $3.2

    4. FC Barcelona - $3.16

    5. Man United - $3.1

    6. LA Lakers - $2.6

    New England Patriots - $2.6

    8. NY Knicks - $2.5

    9. LA Dodgers - $2.4

    Washington Redskins - $2.4

    The value of the 10-time European champions fell five percent from last year to $3.26bn due to a drop in the euro versus the US dollar, but revenue of $746m, the highest of any team, kept them top, Forbes said in a statement.

    The NFL's Dallas Cowboys, up three spots from last year, and Major League Baseball's New York Yankees, up from fourth place in 2014, were tied for second with a value of $3.20bn.

    Global football powers Barcelona ($3.16bn) and Manchester United ($3.10bn) rounded out the top five.

    The NFL led all sports with 20 franchises in the top-50, followed by MLB (12), the National Basketball Association (10) and football (7).

    Formula One's Ferrari ($1.35bn) were ranked 32nd while the Toronto Maple Leafs ($1.3bn), tied at 37th, were the only National Hockey League team on the list.

    According to Forbes, which began valuing sports franchises in 1998, the world's 50 most valuable teams are worth an average $1.75bn, up 31 percent from 2014.

    Forbes also said the minimum valuation to make the cut rose to $1.15bn, up from $856m a year ago, due largely to the soaring worth of NBA and MLB teams.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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