Rain ends Bangladesh's bid to upset South Africa

Opening Test ends in a draw after final day's play was washed out in Chittagong.

    Only 221 overs were possible in the entire Test [Getty Images]
    Only 221 overs were possible in the entire Test [Getty Images]

    The rain-hit opening Test between Bangladesh and South Africa in Chittagong petered out to a tame draw after the final day's play was called off without a ball being bowled.

    Only 221 overs could be bowled in the entire match, with rain curtailing play on the second and third days before washing out the entire fourth day's play on Friday.

    Steady rain washed out the entire morning session on Saturday, prompting the match officials to call off play with South Africa on 61 for no loss in their second innings.

    Bangladesh are unlikely to mind the outcome considering they lost to South Africa, who are currently eight places above them in Test rankings, in their eight previous meetings.

    Pitted against the world's top test team, they had stunned in the preceding one-day series and Bangladesh underlined their recent improvement in the longer format as well, bowling out the tourists for 248 and taking a 78-run first innings lead.

    It was the kind of display that proved their recent rise in form, including home ODI series victories against Pakistan and India, were far from fluke.

    They seem to have unearthed a pace talent in left-arm bowler Mustafizur Rahman, who announced his Test arrival claiming three wickets in four balls in South Africa's first-innings.

    The Shere Bangla National Stadium in Mirpur will host the second and final Test from Thursday.


    South Africa 248 all out and 61-0 (Zyl 33, Islam 0-4)

    Bangladesh 326 all out (Mahmudullah 67, Steyn 3-78)

    SOURCE: Reuters


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