Local hero Hamilton fights back to win British GP

Mercedes' world champion fell from pole to third position at start but manages third win at Silverstone.

    Local hero Hamilton fights back to win British GP
    Hamilton has now won three times at Silverstone [Getty Images]

    Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton soaked up the energy of a roaring home crowd to win the British Grand Prix for the second year in a row and forge 17 points clear of Mercedes teammate Nico Rosberg.

    Germany's Sebastian Vettel finished third for Ferrari, behind Rosberg, with Williams driver Felipe Massa bumped off the podium after leading for the first 20 laps following a blistering start.

    Championship standings
    Lewis Hamilton - 194    
    Nico Rosberg - 177    
    Sebastian Vettel - 135    
    Valtteri Bottas - 77     
    Kimi Raikkonen - 76     
    Felipe Massa - 74     
    Daniel Ricciardo - 36     
    Daniil Kvyat - 27     
    Nico Huelkenberg - 24     
    Romain Grosjean - 17     

    On a tricky afternoon of safety cars, sunshine and showers Hamilton got his choice of tyres exactly right to chalk up his 38th career win and fifth of the season - and get his hands on a 'proper' gold trophy.

    The victory in front of an estimated 140,000 fans made Hamilton only the third Briton, after Jim Clark and Nigel Mansell, to win three times at home.

    "I really wanted to do it for you guys," he told the crowd from the podium.

    "I am so thankful for all the support. I could see all the fans on every lap in the corner of my eye and it spurred me on.

    "I just didn't want to drop it for them," added the Briton, who had made a sluggish start from pole position as Massa roared through from the second row to lead into the first corner.

    The safety car was deployed for two laps at the end of the first lap after Lotus drivers Pastor Maldonado and Romain Grosjean collided as well as the McLarens of Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button.

    Button retired on the spot but Spaniard Alonso stayed in the race and finished lapped but 10th for his first point of a troubled season.

    Williams took fifth place with Valtteri Bottas, who had a thrilling early duel with Massa for the lead, ahead of Red Bull's Russian Daniil Kvyat.

    Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen was eighth and sandwiched between the Force Indias of Nico Hulkenberg and Sergio Perez in seventh and ninth.

    Result (top-10):

    1. Lewis Hamilton (Britain) Mercedes 
    2. Nico Rosberg (Germany) Mercedes  
    3. Sebastian Vettel (Germany) Ferrari  
    4. Felipe Massa (Brazil) Williams-Mercedes  
    5. Valtteri Bottas (Finland) Williams-Mercedes  
    6. Daniil Kvyat (Russia) RedBull - Renault 
    7. Nico Huelkenberg (Germany) Force India - Mercedes  
    8. Kimi Raikkonen (Finland) Ferrari  
    9. Sergio Perez (Mexico) Force India - Mercedes  
    10. Fernando Alonso (Spain) McLaren

    SOURCE: Reuters


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