Israeli court backs razing of two West Bank buildings

Settlers clash with police in Beit El after Supreme Court rules structures in illegal settlement should be demolished.

    Israeli court backs razing of two West Bank buildings
    Border police evacuated settlers from the Dreinoff buildings which were due to be demolished under Israeli court ruling [Getty Images]

    Israel's Supreme Court has rejected an appeal over the demolition of two buildings in an illegal settlement in the occupied West Bank.

    The court made the ruling regarding the structures in Beit El on Wednesday and said the buildings should be demolished by Thursday night.

    Israeli media reported that confrontations between settlers and Israeli forces had flared up at the site following the ruling.

    The Dreinoff project was taking place on privately owned Palestinian land belonging to AbdulRahman Qassam, 77, from Dura AlQare village north of Ramallah.

    Israeli media said about 200 settlers were at the site, throwing stones and clashing with border police.

    The settlement of Beit El was established in 1977, and has a current population of about 6,000 settlers.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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