Debutant Leie spins South Africa to series-win

Bangladesh bundled out in second Twenty20 to lose series 2-0 at home.

    South Africa had won the opening T20 by 52 runs [Getty Images]
    South Africa had won the opening T20 by 52 runs [Getty Images]

    Eddie Leie made a memorable international debut as he and spin partner Aaron Phangsio bowled South Africa to a series-clinching 31-run victory in the second and final Twenty20 match against Bangladesh.

    Leg-spinner Leie, 28, and Phangsio took three wickets each as Bangladesh were bundled out for 138 in the final over of their innings, chasing South Africa's 169-4.

    Leie dismissed Soumya Sarkar (37) just when the batsman had started looking ominous and also sent back Sabbir Rahman and the set Mushfiqur Rahim off successive deliveries to end Bangladesh's hopes.

    He was adjudged man of the match for his figures of 3-16.

    "I am very pleased, it was a very good start. I just thought I will keep it simple and hit my lengths," Leie said at the presentation ceremony.

    Fast-bowler Kyle Abbott (3-20) polished off the Bangladesh tail, clean bowling all three victims.

    Sarkar and opener Tamim Iqbal gave Bangladesh, who lost the first match by 52 runs on Sunday, hope with a quickfire opening stand of 46 but the team kept losing wickets from there on.

    Earlier, an opening stand of 95 between Quinton de Kock (44) and AB de Villiers (40) and a brisk fifth-wicket partnership at the end helped set up South Africa's total.

    The teams will now play three ODIs, starting on Friday, before the two-Test series begins in Chittagong from July 21.


    South Africa 169-4 in 20 overs (de Kock 44, Hossain 2-26)

    Bangladesh 138 all out in 19.2 overs (Sarkar 37, Leie 3-16)

    SOURCE: Reuters


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