Wawrinka strolls into second round at Queen's

French Open winner needed just 49 minutes to beat Kyrgios in the first round.

    Wawrinka strolls into second round at Queen's
    Wawrinka (R) reached the semi-finals here last year [Getty Images]

    Stanislas Wawrinka needed only 49 minutes to beat Australian Nick Kyrgios in the Aegon Championships at Queen's Club as he basked in the glow of his French Open triumph.

    The Swiss, who stunned Novak Djokovic to win the title at Roland Garros, picked up where he left off on Paris with a 6-3, 6-4 victory on the sun-drenched west London grasscourts.

    Kyrgios reached the Wimbledon quarter-finals last year, demolishing Rafa Nadal en route, but looked distracted as he set foot back on the grass and only threatened briefly, when he had break points at 2-3 in the second set.

    Wawrinka, a semi-finalist here last year, will face big-serving South African Kevin Anderson in the next round.

    Later on a high-quality day of first-round action at the traditional pre-Wimbledon tune-up, Rafa Nadal faces Alexandr Dolgopolov and three-times former champion Andy Murray faces Lu Yen-hsun.


    Viktor Troicki (Serbia) beat Paul-Henri Mathieu (France) 7-6(4) 1-6 6-4

    John Isner (US) beat Jared Donaldson (US) 7-6(11) 6-4

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    2-Stanislas Wawrinka (Switzerland) beat Nick Kyrgios (Australia) 6-3 6-4

    SOURCE: Reuters


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