USA, England reach World Cup quarter-finals

England come from a goal down to beat Norway while the US beat Colombia who had goal-keeper sent off.

    USA will take on China in a repeat of the 1999 final [EPA]
    USA will take on China in a repeat of the 1999 final [EPA]

    The US capitalised on Colombia goal-keeper Catalina Perez's dismissal to earn a 2-0 win and set up a women's World Cup quarter-final against China, while England continue to build up a head of steam after coming from behind to beat Norway.

    England's reward for fighting back in sweltering conditions to record a 2-1 victory is a last-eight tie against hosts Canada in Vancouver on Saturday.

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    The US will face China a day earlier in a repeat of the 1999 final but they had to work for their win at the Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton and only took control of the game with the sending off of Perez after half-time.

    The game turned the Americans' way shortly after half-time when Alex Morgan was brought down just inside the area by Perez, who was then sent off.

    Abby Wambach missed the penalty but the opening goal arrived in the 53rd minute when substitute goal-keeper Stefany Castano failed to deal with a near-post shot from Morgan.

    The US doubled their advantage 13 minutes later when Megan Rapinoe was brought down in the box and this time Carli Lloyd was given the penalty-taking duties and made no mistake from the spot.

    Earlier at Landsdowne Stadium, where the temperature hovered around 40C in the first half, Norway's Solveig Gulbrandsen got her head to a corner at the near post and flicked the ball in off the bar to give her team the lead in the 54th minute.

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    England equalised from a corner in the 61st minute when captain Steph Houghton outmuscled two defenders to score with a fine header of her own.

    Defender Lucy Bronze then blasted in the winner in the 76th minute to book England's spot in the quarter-finals.

    England will take on hosts Canada on Saturday [AP]

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera and agencies


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