Today On Al Jazeera: June 5th

    Today's top stories from our correspondents around the globe:

    1. The first four refugees fly into Phnom Penh after Australia agrees to pay Cambodia $31m in controversial resettlement deal

    2. A senior US diplomat has warned that Burundi will become difficult if not impossible to govern if the president runs for a third term

    3. A vigil has been held in the Chinese city of Jianli, with hundreds feared dead in a cruise ship disaster

    4. Advanced robotics could revolutionise how we explore the universe

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


    Meet the deported nurse aiding asylum seekers at US-Mexico border

    Meet the deported nurse helping refugees at the border

    Francisco 'Panchito' Olachea drives a beat-up ambulance around Nogales, taking care of those trying to get to the US.

    The rise of Pakistan's 'burger' generation

    The rise of Pakistan's 'burger' generation

    How a homegrown burger joint pioneered a food revolution and decades later gave a young, politicised class its identity.

    'We will cut your throats': The anatomy of Greece's lynch mobs

    The brutality of Greece's racist lynch mobs

    With anti-migrant violence hitting a fever pitch, victims ask why Greek authorities have carried out so few arrests.