Rossi wins Dutch MotoGP despite final-corner clash

Yamaha rider extends his championship lead after edging out world champion Marquez.

    Rossi's lead at the top is now 10 points [Getty Images]
    Rossi's lead at the top is now 10 points [Getty Images]

    Yamaha's Valentino Rossi won MotoGP's Dutch TT race from pole position after a thrilling duel with world champion Marc Marquez in which the pair clashed at the final corner.

    Rossi extended his championship lead to 10 points, with closest rival and teammate Jorge Lorenzo finishing third after qualifying eighth.

    The Italian great had led until seven laps from the end, when Marquez squeezed past at the first corner.

    But Rossi kept on the Honda's tail and retook the lead with three laps to go.

    Marquez then made another move, with the two bikes making contact at the final corner and Rossi skimming across the gravel with a front wheel in the air before cutting the corner and rejoining the track to take the chequered flag.

    Rossi has 163 points to Lorenzo's 153.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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