Ronaldo's treble takes Portugal top of qualifying group

Portugal beat Armenia in Euro 2016 qualifiers; Lewandowski hits fastest hat-trick in Euro qualifiers to help Poland win.

    Portugal now have 12 points from five games [EPA]
    Portugal now have 12 points from five games [EPA]

    Portugal captain Cristiano Ronaldo scored a superb hat-trick to secure a 3-2 win away to Armenia that put his side a provisional five points clear at the top of Group I.

    Ronaldo equalised with a penalty just before the half-hour mark, added a second 10 minutes after the break and struck a superb third in the 58th before Tiago Mendes was sent off.

    Portugal now lead Group I with 12 points from five games ahead of Denmark, who have seven from four, along with Albania, before hosting second-bottom Serbia later on Saturday.

    Meanwhile, Poland striker Robert Lewandowski struck the second-fastest hat-trick ever in European Championship qualifying inside four minutes in a 4-0 home win over Georgia.

    Poland were leading 1-0 when Lewandowski added their second in the 89th minute, before he grabbed two more in stoppage time to put Poland three points clear at the top of the group.

    The Poles have 14 points from six games ahead of Scotland, who have 11 after a 1-1 draw in Ireland, and Germany, who were playing away at Gibraltar later on Saturday, with 10 points.


    Poland 4-0 Georgia

    Ireland 1-1 Scotland

    Armenia 2-3 Portugal

    Finland 0-1 Hungary

    SOURCE: Reuters


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