Mayweather tops athletes' rich-list again

Boxing's world champion sits top of the Forbes' annual list followed by rival Pacquiao with Ronaldo third.

    Mayweather defeated Pacquiao in the most lucrative boxing matches of all time [Reuters]
    Mayweather defeated Pacquiao in the most lucrative boxing matches of all time [Reuters]

    Undefeated world boxing champion Floyd Mayweather has been named the highest-paid athlete by Forbes for the second consecutive year and third overall. 

    In what was billed as the 'Fight of the Century', American Mayweather defeated the eight-division world champion Pacquiao by a unanimous decision in May, for his eleventh world title. 

    Top 10 highest-paid athletes
    1. Floyd Mayweather
    2. Manny Pacquiao
    3. Cristiano Ronaldo
    4. Lionel Messi
    5. Roger Federer
    6. LeBron James
    7. Kevin Durant
    8. Phil Mickelson
    9. Tiger Woods
    10. Kobe Bryant

    The blockbuster showdown boosted the boxers' 2015 earnings, with Mayweather banking a total of $300m and Pacquiao $160m.

    Portugese football captain Cristiano Ronaldo amassed close to $80m, while Argentine Lionel Messi, who recently celebrated Barcelona's second treble, was not far behind with $73m. 

    Former world number one tennis player and 17-time grand slam champion Roger Federer had a not-so-successful year on the court, with no major title.

    However, his multi-million dollar endorsement deals pulled his earnings up to $67m.

    Four-time NBA MVP LeBron James earned $65m in the past year to make the top 10 list along with 2014 Most Valuable Player Kevin Durant and 17-time All-Star Kobe Bryant.

    Golfers Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson totalled close to $50m in earnings, with most of the money coming from endorsements.  

    Mayweather, Pacquiao and Woods are the only three athletes have earned a nine-figure sum in a calendar year.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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