Death sentence for UAE woman who killed US teacher

Woman guilty of stabbing American to death in Abu Dhabi mall, placing bomb outside doctor's home and funding al-Qaeda.

    Death sentence for UAE woman who killed US teacher
    Handout image of CCTV footage provided by police shows the individual guilty of stabbing an American teacher [Abu Dhabi Police]

    The woman who brutally murdered a US school teacher at a mall in Abu Dhabi last year has been sentenced to death, according to local media.

    Emirati citizen Alaa Bader Abdullah Al Hashem was on Monday found guilty of stabbing Ibolya Ryan to death with a large knife in a toilet stall at the Reem Island shopping mall last December, The National reported.

    The 30-year-old was also found guilty of "creating a handmade bomb" she placed in front of an Egyptian-American doctor's home, the newspaper said.

    The attacks took place within hours of each other in the UAE capital on December 1. Hashemi was arrested less than 48 hours later.

    Hashemi "was also found guilty of sending money to al-Qaeda in Yemen, knowing the funds would be used in terrorist acts," The National reported.

    The ruling was made by the Federal Supreme Court in Abu Dhabi, which means it cannot be appealed.

    International media have been denied access to her trial, which began on March 23.

    Hashemi had reportedly asked the court to provide her with psychological help, saying she had "unreal visions" and would see "ghost-like people" due to a chronic mental illness.

    The court ordered psychiatric tests which it said showed she was aware of her actions.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera And AP


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