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Copa America: Brazil through to quarter-finals

Five-time world champions beat Venezuela to top group; Peru and Colombia also reach knockouts.

    Brazil were without their suspended captain Neymar [Reuters]
    Brazil were without their suspended captain Neymar [Reuters]

    Thiago Silva and Roberto Firmino scored either side of half-time to fire Brazil to a 2-1 win over Venezuela at the Copa America, sending the five-time world champions into a quarter-final meeting with Paraguay.

    The victory completed the quarter-final line up that will see hosts Chile face Uruguay on Wednesday, Peru take on Bolivia on Thursday, and Colombia line up against Argentina on Friday.

    Copa America quarter-finals
    Chile v Uruguay
    Bolivia v Peru
    Argentina v Colombia
    Brazil v Paraguay

    The Brazil-Paraguay tie will take place on Saturday.

    Defender Thiago Silva, recalled to the side for this match, opened the scoring for Brazil after just nine minutes when he volleyed home a corner from Robinho.

    Firmino doubled their lead six minutes into the second half when he leapt to volley home a cross from Willian on the left.

    Nicolas Fedor got a consolation goal for Venezuela six minutes from time when he stooped to head home from close range after Jefferson had touched a free kick from Juan Arango onto the post.

    Earlier, Colombia were left sweating on their Copa America hopes after a lacklustre 0-0 draw with Peru.

    Colombia did manage to progress with a third-place finish with Peru finishing runners-up.

    "We didn't play well and we're suffering," Colombia's James Rodriguez said.

    "We need to look at ourselves and recognise that when we don't score we have to take responsibility."


    Brazil 2-1 Venezuela

    Colombia 0-0 Peru

    SOURCE: Reuters


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