Copa America: Brazil beat Peru with injury-time winner

Costa scores injury-time winner to beat Peru; Venezuela beat Colombia in biggest shock of the tournament.

    Neymar scored Brazil equaliser, his 44th international goal in 64 matches [AP]
    Neymar scored Brazil equaliser, his 44th international goal in 64 matches [AP]

    An injury-time goal from Douglas Costa gave Brazil a barely deserved 2-1 win over a plucky Peru side in the Copa America.

    Substitute Costa slipped the ball past the keeper from close range in the 48th minute of the second half to break the deadlock and extend Brazil's winning run to 11 matches.

    Peru got off to a dream start after just three minutes with an unexpected opener to Christian Cueva.

    David Luiz failed to clear a long ball and goal-keeper Jefferson passed the ball straight to Cueva who hammered it home from 10 yards out.

    However, Peru's lead lasted just two minutes. Dani Alves stroked a lovely cross into the box where an unmarked Neymar headed home his 44th international goal in 64 matches.

    Earlier, Venezuela beat Colombia 1-0, the biggest upset of the tournament so far and their first victory over their South American neighbours in the history of the competition.

    Striker Jose Salomon Rondon scored the only goal of the Group C match in the 60th minute in the central Chilean city of Rancagua.

    Midfielder Rafael Ocosta swung in a deep cross from the right, Alejandro Guerra headed it back across goal and Rondon buried a firm header into the bottom lefthand corner of the Colombian net.

    Colombia had beaten Venezuela in four of their five previous encounters at the Copa America. The other clash, back in 1979, ended in a goalless draw.


    Brazil 2-1 Peru

    Colombia 0-1 Venezuela

    SOURCE: Reuters


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