Australia crush West Indies to sweep Test series

Tourists claim 277-run win in second Test as West Indies bowled out for just 114 in their second-innings.

    Australia have not lost a Test to the West Indies since 2003 [Getty Images]
    Australia have not lost a Test to the West Indies since 2003 [Getty Images]

    Australia maintained their dominance over the West Indies with a crushing 277-run victory on the fourth day of the second Test in Jamaica to claim a 2-0 series win.

    They have not lost to the West Indies in 14 Tests dating back to 2003, winning 11 and drawing three and the gulf between the sides looked wider than ever as the hosts were bowled out for 114 in their second-innings.

    Australia, who won the first Test in Dominica by nine wickets last week, outplayed their hosts not just with bat and ball, but also in the field.

    West Indies were already in a hopeless position at the start of the day's play and Australia ruthlessly wrapped up the win, taking eight wickets in 34 overs.

    Australia off-spinner Nathan Lyon completed the rout when he clean bowled Jerome Taylor for a golden duck.

    Steve Smith was named man of the match after making 199 in the first innings, while right-arm fast bowler Josh Hazlewood was voted man of the series.

    He took 12 wickets at an average of 8.83.

    "The new ball is key on these types of wickets," Hazlewood said at the victory presentation.

    "There was always something there if you put the ball in the right areas."


    Australia 399 all out and 212-2d (Marsh 69, Roach 1-26)

    West Indies 220 all out and 114 all out (Ramdin 29, Starc 3-34)

    SOURCE: Reuters


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