Australia crush West Indies inside three days

Hosts collapse in second-innings, losing last seven wickets for just 35 runs to give Australia an easy target.

    Australia are second in the Tests rankings [Getty Images]
    Australia are second in the Tests rankings [Getty Images]

    Australia batsman Adam Voges produced a Man of the Match performance as they emphatically beat West Indies by nine wickets in the first Test in Dominica.

    Voges, 35, became the oldest player to score a century on Test debut when he made 130 not out in the first innings to set up Australia's victory.

    West Indies had looked capable of setting the tourists a tricky target when they reached 181 for three in their second innings, only to lose their final seven wickets for 35 runs on the slow Windsor Park pitch.

    That left Australia needing 47 runs to win and they knocked them off in Twenty20 style in five overs, losing only opener David Warner (28), who blasted two towering sixes before departing.

    "It's been a perfect three days," Voges said at the victory presentation.

    "To get my chance to debut for Australia is very special and then to get a hundred, I'm extremely happy.

    "The tail stuck around with me and we posted a really good total."

    Australia captain Michael Clarke heaped praise on Voges, who forced his way into the team by averaging 104 in the recently concluded Australian domestic season.

    "He certainly has deserved his opportunity," Clarke said.

    "Over the years he's put runs on the board for long periods in all forms of the game back in Australia. With that maturity and experience, he's grabbed his chance with both hands."

    Among the few West Indies bright spots were the performances of test debutant Shane Dowrich, who made a classy 70 in the second innings, and leg-spinner Devendra Bishoo, who took a career-best six-wicket haul for 80 runs in the first innings.


    West Indies 148 all out and 216 all out

    Australia 318 all out and 47-1

    SOURCE: Reuters


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