Copa America: Argentina knock Colombia out on penalties

Tevez scores the winning penalty as Argentina reach the semi-finals of the 2015 Copa America.

    Copa America: Argentina knock Colombia out on penalties
    Argentina have not won this tournament since 1993 [Getty Images]

    Argentina moved into the semi-finals of the Copa America after beating Colombia 5-4 on penalties.

    Argentina's 90-minute onslaught failed to give them the goal they deserved as normal time ended in a stalemate.

    Carlos Tevez got the winner with Argentina's seventh spot kick in what was a thrilling end to a great tie.

    Colombian goal-keeper David Ospina was the man of the match, making some remarkable stops to keep his side in the game.

    The Arsenal keeper made a miraculous double save in the 25th minute when he dived to keep out a point blank shot from Sergio Aguero with his legs and then got up to parry away Lionel Messi's header from the rebound.

    He also did just enough to tip a shot from Nicolas Otamendi onto the post with 10 minutes left. Jeison Murillo scooped the ball off the line with seconds to go as Argentina piled on the pressure.

    Argentina, who have not won the Copa America since 1993, now face the winners of Saturday night's Brazil Paraguay match.

    The other semi-final will be between host Chile and Peru.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera and agencies


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