A 100th partner for tennis' doubles specialist Paes

India's eight-time men's doubles Grand Slam winner Leander Paes reaches century of men's doubles partners.

    A 100th partner for tennis' doubles specialist Paes
    Paes and Hingis won the mixed doubles event at the 2015 Australia Open [Getty Images]

    Indian tennis ace Leander Paes has reached a career milestone of 100 different partners in men's doubles after teaming up with Spain's Marcel Granollers at the Nottingham grasscourt tournament this week.

    The former doubles world number one is the 47th player to achieve the feat. 

    Paes' men's doubles grand slams
    Australian Open: 1
    French Open: 3
    Wimbledon: 1 
    US Open: 3 

    Paes has won eight grand slam men's doubles titles and seven mixed doubles crowns.

    The 42-year-old is still going strong, reaching the Nottingham quarter-finals as he warms up for this year's Wimbledon championships.

    "It means I've had a very long career," Paes, who reached 700 match wins at the French Open, told ATPWorldTour.com.

    "It's quite intriguing in an individual sport like tennis to have actually had that many doubles partners.

    "I always try to learn new tricks and keep reinventing myself. It's been a very blessed journey to go through 25 years and 100 partners."

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    Paes has completed the career grand slam in doubles and won the first two of his eight men's doubles majors (the French Open and Wimbledon in 1999) with compatriot Mahesh Bhupathi.

    He also played with Bhupathi to win the 2001 French Open but has since found Czech mates in the form of Martin Damm, Lukas Dlouhy and Radek Stepanek to win his other men's doubles majors.

    "I put a lot of homework into choosing a partner. I like to choose someone whose skill set is my weaknesses and my skill set is their weaknesses."

    Paes will reunite with Canadian partner Daniel Nestor at Wimbledon next week. 

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera and agencies


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