New Zealand make England toil in first Test

Tourist end second day 89 runs behind England but have eight wickets left.

    Williamson and Taylor have put on 155 runs for the third wicket [Getty Images]
    Williamson and Taylor have put on 155 runs for the third wicket [Getty Images]

    Kane Williamson and Ross Taylor mastered a lifeless England attack to lift New Zealand to 303 for two at the close on the second day of the first Test at Lord's.

    Replying to England's 389, the pair shared an unbroken third-wicket partnership of 155 to give the touring side the ascendancy in the match.

    Williamson was 92 not out at stumps with Taylor on 47 and New Zealand will look to build a big lead on Saturday to put pressure on the hosts in their second innings.

    Tom Latham and Martin Guptill also made fluent half-centuries in a solid opening partnership of 148 before the former, on 59, was trapped lbw by spinner Moeen Ali.

    Three balls later Guptill drove Stuart Broad loosely to cover where Gary Ballance took a fine sprawling catch to dismiss the elegant right-hander for 70.

    That was England's last success of the day, however, as the compact Williamson went about his work.


    England 389 all out (Root 98, Boult 4-79)

    New Zealand 303-2 (Williamson 92*, Broad 1-42)

    SOURCE: Reuters


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