Pakistan seal Twenty20 series with final-over win

Zimbabwe fall short of pulling off an upset as the tourists go down fighting in second T20.

    Pakistan have maintained their number-five ranking after winning the series [Getty Images]
    Pakistan have maintained their number-five ranking after winning the series [Getty Images]

    Bilawal Bhatti made amends for his poor bowling with some late fireworks as Pakistan beat Zimbabwe by two wickets in the second Twenty20 to win the series 2-0.

    Bhatti hit a six and a four in the last over bowled by Brian Vitori as the hosts reached the 176-run target with just two balls to spare.

    Mukhtar Ahmed had earlier hit his second half-century in as many games to give Pakistan a good start.

    However, losing wickets at regular intervals meant the hosts remained in a spot of bother until Bhatti pulled Vitori over long-on for a six off the first ball of the last over.

    Mukhtar was named man of the match and the series for his efforts [Getty Images]

    Earlier, Sean Williams scored an unbeaten 32-ball 58 to take Zimbabwe to a commanding 175-3 off their quota after Elton Chigumbura opted to bat first again.

    Zimbabwe's openers put on 68 in just 8.3 overs as the tourists punished Pakistan's bowling right from the start once again.

    Vusi Sibanda scored hit two fours and a six in his 49 as the tourists ended up improving on their total from the first match.

    This was Pakistan's first home series since the 2009 attack on the Sri Lankan team bus.

    A three-match ODI series takes place from Tuesday.


    Zimbabwe 175-3 in 20 overs (Williams 58*, Malik 1-23)

    Pakistan 176-8 in 19.4 overs (Mukhtar 62, Mpofu 2-25)

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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