Malik stars as Pakistan win high-scoring ODI

Former captain hits century on comeback as hosts take 1-0 lead in ODI series despite spirited Zimbabwe reply.

    Malik stars as Pakistan win high-scoring ODI
    Malik and Sohail added 201 for the third wicket [AFP]

    Former captain Shoaib Malik made an impressive return to ODI cricket with a blistering century that helped Pakistan win the opening match against Zimbabwe by 41 runs in Lahore.

    Malik scored 112 off 76 balls and shared a 201-run third-wicket partnership with Haris Sohail (89* off 66)  to propel the home side to an imposing 375-3.

    In reply, captain Elton Chigumbura scored a 95-ball 117 - his maiden ODI century - but the total was an ask too much for the tourists. 

    Wahab Riaz grabbed three wickets and Malik picked up one as the tourists were restricted to 334-5 off their quota, their highest total against a Test nation.

    Malik, who had been dropped in ODIs since the 2013 Champions Trophy in England, hit 12 fours and two sixes after captain Azhar Ali (79) and Mohammad Hafeez (86) put on 170 for the first wicket.

    Offspinner Prosper Utseya (2-63) removed both openers off successive deliveries before Malik took charge, scoring his first ODI century the 2009 Champions Trophy against India at Centurion.

    Pakistan defeated Zimbabwe 2-0 in the Twenty20 series which marked the return of international cricket in Pakistan after six years since an attack on the Sri Lanka team in 2009.


    Pakistan 375-3 in 50 overs (Malik 112, Utseya 2-63)

    Zimbabwe 334-5 in 50 overs (Chigumbura 117, Riaz 3-47)

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera and agencies


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