Egypt seizes football star Aboutrika's assets

Authorities take share certificates of company owned by Aboutrika, claiming he funded blacklisted Muslim Brotherhood.

    Egypt seizes football star Aboutrika's assets
    Aboutrika is one of Egypt's most successful footballers ever [AFP]

    Egyptian authorities have seized share certificates belonging to former football star Mohamed Aboutrika after allegations that a company he founded funded the blacklisted Muslim Brotherhood, judicial officials said.

    The move against one of the country's most successful sports stars comes amid a crackdown on members and supporters of the movement since July 2013, when the army ousted president Mohamed Morsi , Egypt's first freely-elected leader.

    Aboutrika had publicly endorsed Morsi's 2012 presidential bid.

    Morsi was overthrown in a military coup following protests after just a year of civilian rule. An ensuing police crackdown targeting his supporters and his Muslim Brotherhood movement has left hundreds dead and thousands jailed.

    Authorities confiscated share certificates in Aboutrika's travel company Tours, which was formed when Morsi was in office, a judicial official said.

    The authorities allege that the company funded the Muslim Brotherhood, which was blacklisted by the government as a "terrorist group" in December 2013.

    Assets of six other companies were also confiscated on Thursday, and a court is expected to decide on the issue soon, officials said.

    The move to seize Aboutrika's shares sparked an outcry on social networks, with the retired footballer's fans condemning it.

    Expressing defiance over the seizure, Aboutrika himself tweeted: "Confiscate the money or confiscate the money's owner, I will not leave the country, and I will continue to work for its prosperity."

    A star of the Cairo-based club Al-Ahly as well as the Egyptian national team, 36-year-old midfielder Aboutrika retired in 2013, and since then has avoided expressing his political views publicly.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera And AFP


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