Barcelona crowned La Liga champions

Messi on target as Barca beat holders Atletico for 23rd league crown; Real's challenge ends despite win at Espanyol.

    Barcelona have won five of the last seven league titles [Getty Images]
    Barcelona have won five of the last seven league titles [Getty Images]

    Treble-chasing Barcelona are La Liga champions for the fifth time in seven years after a clinical Lionel Messi strike secured a 1-0 victory away to Atletico Madrid that wrapped up the title with a game to spare.

    Last 10 La Liga winners
    2005-06: Barcelona            
    2006-07: Real Madrid         
    2007-08: Real Madrid         
    2008-09: Barcelona           
    2009-10: Barcelona           
    2010-11: Barcelona           
    2011-12: Real Madrid         
    2012-13: Barcelona            
    2013-14: Atletico Madrid      
    2014-15: Barcelona            

    Elsewhere, Cristiano Ronaldo hit a hat-trick for Real Madrid in their 4-1 victory away to Espanyol but Barca cannot be caught now with a four point lead.

    Messi combined with Pedro Rodriguez and then slotted home from the centre of the penalty area with 65 minutes gone.

    It had been a cagey game but the talent of the Argentine shone through again to break the deadlock and help Luis Enrique to his first piece of silverware at the helm of Barcelona.

    The Catalan side have dominated the list of La Liga titles in recent years and remain on course to repeat their trophy treble of 2009.

    They are through to the Champions League final on June 6 to face Juventus and will play Athletic Bilbao in the King's Cup showpiece on May 30.


    Atletico Madrid 0-1 Barcelona

    Cordoba 1-2 Rayo Vallecano

    Deportivo Coruna 2-0 Levante

    Elche 2-3 Athletic Club

    Getafe 1-1 Eibar

    Espanyol 1-4 Real Madrid

    Real Sociedad 0-3 Granada CF

    Sevilla 2-1 Almeria

    Valencia 1-1 Celta Vigo

    Villarreal 2-1 Malaga 1

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera and agencies


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