Murray stuns Nadal to win Madrid Open

Local favourite denied a record fifth triumph in Madrid as Murray seals second clay title in a week.

    This is Murray's 33rd career title [Reuters]
    This is Murray's 33rd career title [Reuters]

    Andy Murray continued his remarkable run on clay when he pulled off a stunning upset to dethrone home favourite Rafa Nadal 6-3, 6-2 in the Madrid Masters final and claim his second title on the surface in a week.

    Following up his debut triumph on the red dust on Monday in Munich, Murray denied Nadal a third straight triumph in the Spanish capital - and record fifth overall - and raised fresh doubts over the Spaniard's form heading into the French Open.

    "To play Rafa in Spain is extremely tough and this is the reason why we play tennis for these matches," Murray said after receiving the trophy from Spain's Queen Sofia.

    "It's one of the toughest things in tennis to try to beat Rafa on clay. I'll keep trying to play well over the next few weeks with Roland Garros just around the corner."

    It was Murray's 10th Masters crown and 33rd career title, while Nadal missed out on a record-extending 28th Masters and 66th title overall.

    Nadal needed a win to stay fourth in the world rankings and he will drop to seven when they are updated, putting him outside the top five for the first time in a decade.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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