Pakistan thump Bangladesh to win Test series

Tourists win second Test by 328 runs to end disappointing tour on a winning note.

    Pakistan had lost the ODI series as well as the solitary T20 [Getty Images]
    Pakistan had lost the ODI series as well as the solitary T20 [Getty Images]

    Pakistan ended their disappointing tour of Bangladesh with a 328-run win in the second Test that also helped them win the series 1-0.

    Leg-spinner Yasir Shah claimed a match-haul of seven wickets to help Pakistan seal their first win of the tour.

    The hosts, who resumed their second innings at 63-1 chasing an improbable target of 550, were shot out for 221 in the post-lunch session of the fourth day at the Sher-e-Bangla stadium.

    Shah, who took three for 58 in the first-innings, once again baffled the Bangladesh batsmen with his leg-spin and googly on the wearing pitch to grab four for 73 in the second knock.

    Mominul Haque played a lone hand for the hosts with 68, joining West Indies great Vivian Richards and the Indian duo Virender Sehwag and Gautam Gambhir as the only batsmen to score 50 runs or more in 11 consecutive Tests.

    Shuvagata Hom hit 39, sharing a ninth-wicket stand of 44 with Mohammad Shahid, to steer Bangladesh past the 200-run mark after they were reduced to 143-7 soon after lunch.

    The match ended at the fall of the ninth wicket as Shahadat Hossain was unable to bat after suffering a serious knee injury on the first day.

    It was Bangladesh´s ninth loss to Pakistan in 10 Tests, the only consolation coming through a draw in the first Test of the short series in Khulna last week.

    The tourists had earlier been whitewashed 3-0 in the ODI series and were also beaten in the one-off Twenty20.


    Pakistan 557-8d & 195-6d (Misbah 82, Shahid 2-23)

    Bangladesh 203 & 221 (Haque 68, Shah 4-73)

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera and agencies


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