Root's ton takes England in the lead

Batsman hits maiden ton on foreign soil as tourists edge ahead in the second Test against West Indies.

    Root has now hit six Test centuries [Reuters]
    Root has now hit six Test centuries [Reuters]

    England's Joe Root struck his sixth Test century, and his first on foreign soil, to put the tourists in control on 373 for six on the third day of the second Test against West Indies in Grenada.

    The 24-year-old Yorkshireman was unbeaten on 118 at stumps play while Jos Buttler ended on four not out on a good pitch for batting.

    Earlier, England captain Alastair Cook produced a welcome return to form with 76 while Gary Ballance hit 77 and Jonathan Trott chipped in with 59.

    Cook was bowled by Shannon Gabriel when he dragged a bottom edge on to the stumps, leaving the left-hander still searching for his first Test century in almost two years.

    Cook's 125-run opening partnership with Trott had laid the foundations for England.

    It was England's first century opening stand since March 2013.

    The first Test of the three-match series was drawn.


    West Indies 299 all out (Samuels 103, Broad 4-61)

    England 373-6 (Root 118*, Gabriel 2-60)

    SOURCE: Reuters


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