Eight Premier League wins in a row for Arsenal

Arsenal cut leaders Chelsea's lead to four point after a close win over Burnley.

    No other team has won eight games in a row this season in the league [Getty Images]
    No other team has won eight games in a row this season in the league [Getty Images]

    Aaron Ramsey maintained Arsenal's late-season charge by clinching a 1-0 win at relegation-threatened Burnley, an eighth successive victory that keeps the team's faint title hopes alive.

    No other team has enjoyed such a winning run in the league this season, but earlier inconsistency has proved costly for Arsene Wenger's title ambitions.

    Although the Gunners are second - four points behind Chelsea - the leaders have two games in hand on their London rivals.

    Securing the win at chilly Turf Moor was hard work for Arsenal, with the tenacious hosts a constant threat after Ramsey's 12th-minute strike through a congested penalty area.

    Burnley is in the drop zone, two points from safety, but has beaten Manchester City and held Tottenham here in the last month.


    Burnley 0-1 Arsenal 

    Southampton 2-0 Hull City

    Sunderland 1-4 Crystal Palace

    Swansea City 1-1 Everton

    Tottenham 0-1 Aston Villa

    West Brom 2-3 Leicester

    West Ham 1-1 Stoke



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