Reigning champions City thrashed in Manchester derby

Manchester United thump opponents while leaders Chelsea beat QPR thanks to an 88th-minute strike by Fabregas.

    United are now four points clear of City in third place [Getty Images]
    United are now four points clear of City in third place [Getty Images]

    Manchester United ended a four-match losing run against Manchester City in style, beating their fierce rivals 4-2 in the Premier League.

    United's sixth straight league win came despite the soon-to-be-deposed champions going ahead through Sergio Aguero's eighth-minute opener.

    Ashley Young and Marouane Fellaini scored to put United ahead at half-time, before goals by Juan Mata and Chris Smalling in a seven-minute span midway through the second half.

    Aguero grabbed a late consolation for City.

    City have now lost six of their last eight matches in a dreadful 2015 and now sit fourth, 12 points behind leaders Chelsea.

    Fabregas rescuses Chelsea

    Earlier, Cesc Fabregas scored an 88th-minute winner as Chelsea extended their lead to seven points with an unconvincing 1-0 win against a spirited QPR.

    EPL top-scorers
    19 Diego Costa (Chelsea)                 
         Harry Kane (Tottenham)        
    17 Sergio Aguero (Man City)       
         Charlie Austin (QPR)  
    14 Olivier Giroud (Arsenal)              
         Alexis Sanchez (Arsenal) 

    Spain international Fabregas, criticised for his drop in form since Christmas, burst into the box before dispatching Eden Hazard's lay-off to seal an undeserved victory in the west London derby.

    QPR, embroiled in relegation battle, were the more dangerous team throughout and created a number of chances but were thwarted by visiting goal-keeper Thibault Courtois.

    Chelsea dominated possession but, in the absence of injured forwards Diego Costa and Loic Remy, failed to register a shot on target before Fabregas's intervention.

    Chelsea have 73 points from 31 games but have a game in hand of second-placed Arsenal, whom they play on April 26.

    QPR remain 18th, two points behind Hull City - the side immediately above the relegation zone.


    QPR 0-1 Chelsea

    Manchester United 4-2 Manchester City

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera and agencies


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