Flash floods hit the US Gulf coast

Deep water in the deep south as torrential rain causes flooding across southern parts of the US.

    Storm clouds stagger to a halt over southern parts of the US [AFP PHOTO HANDOUT-NOAA/NASA]
    Storm clouds stagger to a halt over southern parts of the US [AFP PHOTO HANDOUT-NOAA/NASA]

    Heavy and steady rain has caused widespread flooding across the southern states of the US. Some areas are now waist deep in water, but thankfully, no injuries have been reported so far.

    Fort Smith, Arkansas recorded 64mm of rain on Monday.  Meanwhile, Mobile, Alabama had its fourth wettest April day on record when 185mm of rain on Sunday.

    Cottondale, Florida had a staggering 280mm of rain over the weekend. Several roads and bridges remain impassable from northern Florida to Oklahoma.

    Elsewhere, roads have been turned into rivers in parts of Fort Worth, northern Texas. The flood waters have forced some drivers to abandon their cars.

    Much of the region is now braced for further heavy rain in the days ahead, so further flash floods are likely. The rain is not expected to clear before the end of the week.


    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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