Cook, Trott make solid start after WI post 299

England openers progress smoothly after a late West Indies flurry leads hosts to 299 in their first-innings

    Captain Cook has not scored a Test century for nearly two years [Reuters]
    Captain Cook has not scored a Test century for nearly two years [Reuters]

    England openers Alastair Cook and Jonathan Trott made a solid start in reply to West Indies' total of 299 by reaching 74 without loss on the second day of the second Test.

    Skipper Cook and Trott, returning after a lengthy absence from the team, failed to get scores in the drawn first Test in Antigua but will take much confidence from the final session.

    Cook, who has not scored a Test century for nearly two years, finished on 37 not out with Trott on 32.

    The West Indies attack lacked penetration in the absence of injured Jerome Taylor and with batting conditions improving, as the damp and overcast weather made way for bright sunshine, Cook and Trott made good progress before stumps.

    Earlier, England bowled West Indies out for 299 after Marlon Samuels made his seventh Test century and a last-wicket partnership of 52 pushed the hosts to a competitive total.

    The Jamaican made 103 from 228 balls in an uncharacteristic but valuable patient knock before he was caught by Ian Bell at second slip off James Anderson.

    Stuart Broad finished with figures of four for 61.


    West Indies 299 all out (Samuels 103, Broad 4-61)

    England 74-0 (Cook 37*, Samuels 0-1)

    SOURCE: Reuters


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