Pakistan to host first cricket series since 2009

Zimbabwe confirm short tour of Pakistan, the first by a Test-playing nation since 2009.

    The Sri Lankan team was attacked near Gaddafi Stadium Lahore in 2009 [Getty Images]
    The Sri Lankan team was attacked near Gaddafi Stadium Lahore in 2009 [Getty Images]

    International cricket will return to Pakistan next month with a short, limited-overs series against Zimbabwe, ending the Asian nation's agonising six-year wait to host a Test team.

    Pakistan has been forced to play designated 'home' matches primarily in the UAE since March 2009 following an attack by militants on a Sri Lanka team bus in Lahore.


    May 22: First T20I

    May 24: Second T20I

    May 26: First ODI

    May 29: Second ODI

    May 31: Third ODI

    "I can confirm that Zimbabwe will visit Pakistan in May," Cricket Zimbabwe Wilson Manase said.

    "We had a duty to ensure the parents of the players, the players and government are on board before announcing the tour. We have taken cognizance of all the factors for us to arrive at this decision, so let’s not be alarmist about the situation in Pakistan."

    Pakistan will reciprocate by touring Zimbabwe in August, Zimbabwe Cricket (ZC) said on their official Twitter feed.

    "I am grateful to my counterpart in Cricket Zimbabwe, Wilson Manase, for acceding to our request of sending a full side on a tour to Pakistan," PCB chairman Shaharyar Khan said in a statement.

    Though short and featuring no tests, the success of the tour would encourage other test teams to change their perception about Pakistan and tour the country they consider unsafe, hopes the local board.

    A ZC security team will reach Lahore on Monday to assess the safety arrangements at the venue which will host all matches.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera and agencies


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