Woods is 'eager to get back'

Davis Love III is refusing to rule out golfer Tiger Woods' return to the 2016 Ryder Cup squad.

    The former world number one is now ranked 96th [Rob Schumacher]
    The former world number one is now ranked 96th [Rob Schumacher]

    Former world number one Tiger Woods expects to be challenging for a place on the US team for next year's Ryder Cup, according to skipper Davis Love III.

    Love has been in regular contact with Woods and was not ruling him out, despite his current struggles with fitness and form.

    Woods, who had back surgery last year, has played only two PGA Tour events this season and said last month he would not return until he felt his game was 'tournament-ready'.

    "He's expecting to make the team," Love told BBC Radio. "He and I keep in touch a lot more than we have. He still has a good attitude and is working hard. I spoke to a few people who tell me he's working very hard and is eager to get back.

    "I suppose he has a plan for The Masters - we're hoping to see him back soon."

    Fourteen-time major champion Woods, now ranked 96th in the world, has not ruled out playing at next month's Masters at Augusta where he has won four times.

    Love said Woods' first target would be this year's Presidents Cup, between a US team and an international selection, in October.

    Woods has played in seven Ryder Cups, but missed last year's event in Gleneagles because of injury.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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