Vettori reaches landmark in New Zealand's win

Spinner crosses 300-wickets mark in hosts' six-wicket win over Afghanistan in the World Cup.

    Vettori is the fifth spinner to cross the 300 mark [Getty Images]
    Vettori is the fifth spinner to cross the 300 mark [Getty Images]

    Martin Guptill and Ross Taylor got some valuable time at the wicket as New Zealand did what they needed to looking ahead to the World Cup quarter-finals with a six-wicket victory over Afghanistan.

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    Guptill, who had got starts in all four of his previous innings, was run out for 57, while Taylor, who had scored just 29 runs in four previous innings, was 24 not out as New Zealand scored 188-4 in 36.1 overs.

    Afghanistan had been dismissed for 186 in 47.4 overs with Daniel Vettori becoming the 12th man to take 300 ODI wickets when he produced another impeccable spell of left-arm spin bowling.

    Captain Brendon McCullum had given his side a rollicking start with 42 runs from 19 balls before Kane Williamson (33) and Guptill took them to 111 for one without looking troubled.

    Williamson, however, was caught by Samiullah Shenwari at mid-wicket off Shapoor Zadran in the 19th over before Guptill was run out with 44 runs needed and Grant Elliott dismissed in the same fashion 12 runs short of the target.

    Taylor and Corey Anderson (seven not out) saw New Zealand home after Vettori had taken 4-18 from 10 overs.

    The 36-year-old has taken 12 wickets in the tournament at an average of 11.33 and economy rate of three runs per over.


    Afghanistan 186 all out in 47.4 overs (Najibullah 56, Vettori 4-18)

    New Zealand 188-4 in 36.1 overs (Guptill 57, Nabi 1-39)

    SOURCE: Reuters


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